Monday, May 2, 2011

His Vintage Touch & Brown Magic paint Co.

Brown Magic Paint Co. By El Chucky...

Mando AKA El Chucky (Chicago Il.) steady hands create some of the most amazing pieces of art you could ever feast your eyes on! When his business partner Dottie Devine contacted me with news they were looking into sponsoring His Vintage Touch for this years Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, i was ecstatic to say the least! Not only did they make my busiest week of the year run smooth with their easy accessible tools they sent me, but it was completely designed to fit me to PERFECTION!

 Brown Magic Paint Co. customizes each item they create to match it's owner. Not one item alike, not at all the same. You are receiving your own special custom, original piece of art that no one else in the world will own. They make everything you can possibly think of, and can brighten up anything you have already but needs to be kicked up a notch. For myself they made an amazing set of mirrors with the largest completely decked out to the nines with traditional 1950s flair, complete with rhinestones. They sent me an amazing training case for all my supplies when I am on the go, which replicated a 1950s Horror movie poster! They went absolutely above and beyond! Not only did they send me my necessities but through in much more convenient items that i never would have even thought of, like a tip box!

I can't even thank them enough for all their hard work, effort and talent! I have so much love for this little wonder out of Chicago! Everyone needs one of their pieces in their hands! You can find them through facebook by "Brown Magic Paint Co By El Chucky" or you can contact miss "Dottie Devine". They will go over and beyond any obstacles to keep you happy! Truley AMAZING! 


  1. Damn the late night record hops making me too sleepy to keep my hair appointment with you! Some day...hhhhmmmm...maybe the Rave?

  2. Mando (El Chucky) & Dottie at Brown Magic Paint Co. produce AMAZING stuff!!! Had them paint a messenger bag for my daughter for Christmas and it is wonderful. Can't wait to give it to her. The mall has NOTHING this good for 3 times the $$$. I have never met them; found them online and completely trust them.
    Tim Thornton

  3. I found this blog by a mistake actually, but now I can see that is was a good mistake! love it! xx