Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ode to the Roots...

Love, Passion, Respect, Beauty, Class, Sex & Rock n Roll...
Just a few things in mind that bring me back to my roots and give me my purpose and inspiration when bringing my heartfelt art to life through hairstyling.

Like most, as i would watch an old film or reflect on older pictures from a family album i became fascinated. My eyes were glued. My heart had melted. It became more than a fascination or even an obsession...I wanted to live and recreate.

So i did just that...

From the music that i begged to pound my ear drums, to the old used clothing i could sleep in. I was hooked.
It soon became my way of life.
I had found "Me".

As the cherry on top of a sundae, my hair full of volume and shine completed my look, and as i grew older i realized it was just that. IT WAS EVERYTHING! Now, with my yearning to be artistic and a combination of drive and a tad of a jealous/condescending childlike attitude (LOL) i did what any other teenager would do within the first 3 seconds of interaction with another human being...
I JUDGED THEIR APPEARANCE, OF COURSE! I began to convince myself that i could help people complete their look by fixing their hair. I studied and studied with any type of 40s & 50s memorabilia that i could find, and begged my female friends and poor little sister to let me dig my fingers into their locks of hair! Word spread that a "young boy" actually had a bit of talent with his hair styling and it took off from there. (yes, eyes were rolling) Local clientele encouraged me to go to school and make it a done deal. So i went to beauty school  AKA 12 MONTH HELL!!! and polished up my work and made it official. 

I started landing gigs within my local rockabilly scene, which later spread to the u.s pin-up model culture, and car club scene.
With great prices and my well practiced authenticity in  40s and 50s period work i decided on the name... HIS VINTAGE TOUCH


  1. Tony-you are such an inspiration!!! I remember the first time I saw your work-on Emily Marilyn for Tarantula Clothing I was in awe!! Then when I first met you at the benefit-your kindness and humble attitude blew me away!!! Keep up the awesome work and thank you for sharing your art with us! You are keeping alive the beauty from the yesteryears so many of us long to have been a part of!! That is something very special just like you!!! <3

  2. Awwww, Tony I am so proud of you! You are truly amazing and talented and I will always be here to support you in anyway I can! I love you desert rat hahaha!!

  3. Awww... Tony you couldnt have said it better... I loved your words..your such an amazing and talented person, and I wish you the best =)
    xoxo, Cyn <3

  4. Loving the site, and look forward to more gorgeous hair eye candy!

  5. Thanks guys! appreciate it so much! Love you all! much more to come!!!!!