Monday, May 2, 2011

His Vintage Touch & Brown Magic paint Co.

Brown Magic Paint Co. By El Chucky...

Mando AKA El Chucky (Chicago Il.) steady hands create some of the most amazing pieces of art you could ever feast your eyes on! When his business partner Dottie Devine contacted me with news they were looking into sponsoring His Vintage Touch for this years Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, i was ecstatic to say the least! Not only did they make my busiest week of the year run smooth with their easy accessible tools they sent me, but it was completely designed to fit me to PERFECTION!

 Brown Magic Paint Co. customizes each item they create to match it's owner. Not one item alike, not at all the same. You are receiving your own special custom, original piece of art that no one else in the world will own. They make everything you can possibly think of, and can brighten up anything you have already but needs to be kicked up a notch. For myself they made an amazing set of mirrors with the largest completely decked out to the nines with traditional 1950s flair, complete with rhinestones. They sent me an amazing training case for all my supplies when I am on the go, which replicated a 1950s Horror movie poster! They went absolutely above and beyond! Not only did they send me my necessities but through in much more convenient items that i never would have even thought of, like a tip box!

I can't even thank them enough for all their hard work, effort and talent! I have so much love for this little wonder out of Chicago! Everyone needs one of their pieces in their hands! You can find them through facebook by "Brown Magic Paint Co By El Chucky" or you can contact miss "Dottie Devine". They will go over and beyond any obstacles to keep you happy! Truley AMAZING! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


What sets me apart... ?
Just one word.

When re-creating a certain look my main goal is to look like a vintage snapshot. I would never do a hairstyle that wasn't originally done in the Hollywood glamor era. The forties and fifties have already came and left us with such amazing inspiration, no need to invent new looks. After all I am "His Vintage Touch" not His Modern Touch. LoL

You want your vintage look to be polished to the tee! Your hairstyle after all is the cherry on the very top of your icing. It's the first thing people see and after all first impressions are everything... ;D

When sculpting hair, i have three things in mind...
With these three things in mind, not just myself, but anyone can practice these three things and start to notice the difference and pride you will take in your hair and of course the "Authenticity" it gives your style.

- Your hair should not look like it is " Under Construction". There should be no bobby pins/hair pins present to the eye. A hair piece/accessory is one thing but you should never see the base to your look. Give off the illusion that your hair is just simply standing on its own... or that you woke up with your hair fabulous and didnt have to much to it. Basically the same appeal that a merry-widow or corset does to the female figure. After all, you wouldn't just walk out of your house in your under-garments would you? ;D With this, your look will increase in neatness and give off that classic polished look.

2. Volume.
- Flat hair? NEVER!!!! Give it a curl, a wave, a lift...something. I am a huge fan of the classic pin-curl, but lets face it who has time to pin-curl everyday? Run your locks through a modern day curling iron or when out of the shower picking out your outfit and doing your make-up, have your hair drying in a set of rollers. This one thing is so small but makes ALL of the difference when creating a vintage inspired look.

3. Research.
- Now, I am not telling you to go pick up a book from the library and read it cover to cover, but it always helps to have some knowledge on the look you are trying to create. Going for a Bombshell look? Try looking up old photos of any of your favorite MA girls (Marilyn,Mansfield,Mamie). Looking for an everyday JD look? Try checking out any old clips or photos from your favorite Teenage 50s flick. Having an image in mind will always help you from going astray from an authentic look. Last but not least match your hair to your apparel. Make sure your hairstyle is always period accurate to your wardrobe.
Ex: Forties Hairstyling with fifties attire. (DON'T)
After all if you wanted to be a hip young fox in the fifties you wouldn't be running around with a hairstyle that was in fashion ten years prior.

I always keep those three things in mind and i feel it helps me succeed in creating a more authentic look and holding down the His Vintage Touch name. Authenticity is 90% of the package.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

His Vintage Touch is finally official with it's own domain name!!!!! After numerous pages and sites it only felt necessary to create a "dot com" LoL. This is only the beginning and there are lots more changes and arrangements to be made regarding this site. I will be more frequent in updating this page weekly, and even daily...
Special thanks to pin-up goddess Lisa Love & Rock n Roll entrepreneur Mr. Brando Von Badsville.
They have both encouraged me and supported me along with the help to create this site...In other words they made big things happen!!!!
ALSO a huge shout out to "BROWN MAGIC PAINT CO." who have sponsored me in making this little business of mine become so much more special. The magic, love and support they give definitely creates precious littles....Not to mention the crazy talent they have rushing through their veins...

There is lots to come so keep your eyes peeled... Next in line will be Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.
I will be there working Thursday through Sunday at the event, setting up shop at The Orleans Hotel & Casino.
All appointments are booked, but if you would like to be place on a waiting list please email me A.S.A.P.
you can message me here or directly to my personal email:

ALSO @ VLV look for some of my work on this years Viva Las Vegas merchandise including a 2012 calendar and soda pop packaging!!! Also on the VLV poster shown below.

See you all there!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and changes this week and upcoming dates!
Thank you all for your love and support!!!!

**His Vintage Touch***

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ode to the Roots...

Love, Passion, Respect, Beauty, Class, Sex & Rock n Roll...
Just a few things in mind that bring me back to my roots and give me my purpose and inspiration when bringing my heartfelt art to life through hairstyling.

Like most, as i would watch an old film or reflect on older pictures from a family album i became fascinated. My eyes were glued. My heart had melted. It became more than a fascination or even an obsession...I wanted to live and recreate.

So i did just that...

From the music that i begged to pound my ear drums, to the old used clothing i could sleep in. I was hooked.
It soon became my way of life.
I had found "Me".

As the cherry on top of a sundae, my hair full of volume and shine completed my look, and as i grew older i realized it was just that. IT WAS EVERYTHING! Now, with my yearning to be artistic and a combination of drive and a tad of a jealous/condescending childlike attitude (LOL) i did what any other teenager would do within the first 3 seconds of interaction with another human being...
I JUDGED THEIR APPEARANCE, OF COURSE! I began to convince myself that i could help people complete their look by fixing their hair. I studied and studied with any type of 40s & 50s memorabilia that i could find, and begged my female friends and poor little sister to let me dig my fingers into their locks of hair! Word spread that a "young boy" actually had a bit of talent with his hair styling and it took off from there. (yes, eyes were rolling) Local clientele encouraged me to go to school and make it a done deal. So i went to beauty school  AKA 12 MONTH HELL!!! and polished up my work and made it official. 

I started landing gigs within my local rockabilly scene, which later spread to the u.s pin-up model culture, and car club scene.
With great prices and my well practiced authenticity in  40s and 50s period work i decided on the name... HIS VINTAGE TOUCH